July 1, 2018

Have You Read Your Own Online Reviews?

Do you have any online reviews? Many business owners put their fingers in their ears and start singing lah, la-lah, la, la-lah going about their merry way, none the wiser. But not you! You are actually reading this newsletter.

Alert! 4 out of 5 consumers say they use the internet to find a local business.(1) 
Even something as simple as the free website from ABMP or AMTA or Wix is crucial for new clients to find you. Your website is the equivalent of your online business card. Do you remember when it was critical to have an ad in the Yellow Pages? The phone book value is dwindling and, in many cities, now considered obsolete. We just “Google” it. You want more clients? Time to figure out how to get visible online. Im here to help.
Yes, word-of-mouth knocks-out any competition as the best way to get massage clients. Guys and gals, a positive review on the internet elevates your profile because it’s your online ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation.
As powerful as positive online reviews are, it’s not easy for local businesses to generate reviews. While 92% of Americans say consumer reviews influence their buying behavior, only 28% have ever written a review.(2) 
Want to see the future? The influence of online reviews is rising. In fact, major search engines weight online reviews very highly. Ask any business owner who has gotten a negative review! 
So what to do? Matthew McDonald of Follow Media Consulting suggests:

  1. Examine your current reviews & your online reputation- Make sure your name, address & phone number are correct. Ask someone in your organization to monitor your reviews.
  2. Address ALL feedback– Even if its negative.You build public trust by responding professionally.
  3. Get written feedback after every session.(yes, EVERY session) At my office, we had a system: every new client got a SASE with a pre-printed evaluation form in their New Client Outake Packet.(What’s a new client outake packet? Hit me up on FB and I’ll send you a sample!)
  4. Broadcast your positive reviews– This is your chance to brag a little! Put the positive reviews on your website. Quote the client on Facebook. Consider adding testimonials to your Newsletter. 

So does all this sound overwhelming? Allow me to give you a gift. How would you like a free report on your online reputation? One of my Power Partners, Matthew McDonald of Follow Media, will analyze your business’ current online notoriety and offer some suggestions on where you could go from here. You can call Matthew at 678-491-4280 or email him at [email protected] Just tell him Jodi sent you!
Understanding your online presence is the first step to improving it. Are you feeling brave? Google your name. Google your business name. See what shows up. Then take action on just one of the recommendations above. Just one. One step at a time to making your phone ring. One step at a time to creating stability and profitability in your practice. Namaste.

(1) Google/Ipsos MediaCT Study 2014
(2) Local Consumer Review Survey

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