January 1, 2019

I Just Passed the National Exam

Have you taken the test? I took the National Exam the first time in 1993 with a No.2 pencil filling in the circles. I let my certification lapse and -much to my shock and horror- had to take the test again in 2004. Both tests were given by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.(NCBTMB) (By the way, who was it that thought that was a good name?)
Did you know, as of November 1, 2014 the National Certification Board no longer offers the National Exam? Now aspiring Massage Therapists must take and pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam.(MBLEx) 
Originally the MBLEx had the reputation of being the easier exam. In fact, MTs who have English as a second language were encouraged to take the MBLEx because the questions were less confusing. This is no longer the case. See for yourself.
Here are a few sample questions: (from massage-exam.com & answers below)
(1)  The __________ ligament stabilizes the ankle against a valgus stress?
a)  Lateral
b)  Deltoid  
c) Calcoaneofibular
d) Posterior talofibular
(2) What two actions comprise inversion?
a)  Plantar flexion and pronations
b)  Dorsiflexion and pronation
c)  Supination and ADduction  
d)  Pronation and ADduction
(3) When blood within a hematoma calcifies it is known as?
a)  Myositis ossification  
b)  Contusion
c)  Sprain
d)  Strain
I can assure you, this test is the real deal. How would you like to sit for the National Exam again? Yah, I didn’t think so. Neither would I. But for the last 2 years I’ve been teaching the MBLEx Review Course. So guess what I did? I decided to step up and and take the new National Exam. To provide my students with an even more authentic experience, I decided to walk a mile in their shoes. Actually, 1 hour 50 minutes + 100 questions in their shoes. Last week I was questioning my sanity. As I walked into the Testing Center my heart rate went up, my breath got shallow and I’m pretty sure I was sweating. It didn’t help at all that the greeting I got at the front desk was, “You’re late.” Three minutes is late? I’m still 27 minutes before I’m scheduled to take the test. My eyes got really big as I promised her, “I’ll still finish before the two hour deadline.” My prayers were answered and they led me to a room full of computers and test takers. Before we entered, I was given final directions. No talking. Only hand signals to the woman staring at me thru the clear glass window if I need assistance. Noise blocking headphones sat beside the keyboard and I was handed a dry erase pen and laminated piece of paper. No erasing. They will inspect the notes when I leave. To exit, signal to the woman thru the window and she will come and collect me. Okay, here we go. I felt like I was walking into a den of sleeping lions. Quietly I took my seat. I wrote at the top of the page, “I am a winner. God knows all.” Then I implemented as many of my test taking skills as I could remember: Breathe. Pray. Trust my first answer. The questions were tricky! I read many of them twice to make sure I understood. Long story short, I passed. Whew!

Why put myself thru this?! I believe that because of this experience, I can provide the most up to date Review Course available. Yes, AMTA has practice tests. Yes, ABMP has practice tests. Oh and yes, Massage-Exam has practice tests. But NONE of those sites teaches. They all assume students taking the tests will learn from their mistakes. Some do. Some don’t. 
The MBLEx Review Course walks the students thru 10 webinars reviewing all the material. After each lesson, the students are tested on the same material to solidify the learning. The course reminds the students of what they learned in massage school. The course reviews with students what is important to know for the test. 
Who do you know that still needs to pass the test? Have them hit me up on FB and I’ll get them started for free.

(1) B-Deltoid
(2) C-Supination and ADduction  Supination = turning inward or the sole of the foot rolling in a medial direction, ADduction = towards the midline or a movement in a medial direction of the forefoot.
(3) A-Myositis ossification  Myositis ossification= my(o)= muscle, itis= inflammation; ossi= bone. Fibroblasts are replaced by osteoblasts and lay down bone, some of the bone may be resorbed, but a portion of it remains. If there is no bone attachment, they can be surgically removed, but if attached to bone, it will remain so that trauma from the surgery won’t stimulate the periosteum, resulting in more bone growth.

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