Low back pain at the QL, client could be in a fearful place re: money
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Low back pain could mean worries about money and/or lack of financial support.

Like it was yesterday, I remember stepping out of the car when a sudden pain took my breath away. Stabbing at my low back, I very slowly and cautiously slid across the seat, supporting myself on the door handle and the steering wheel. I smiled thru gritted teeth, ‘Ha ha! Success.’ My other foot was out of the car and I was standing. I made it to work. One would ask, ‘Should I even be at work?’

The pain seemed like it came from out of the blue, but I knew better. I knew my body was trying to get my attention. But I was a tough cookie. I could work thru this episode. Ignore it and it will go away, right?

Not so much. Low back pain has a story to tell. A story about fears related to money and unexpressed anger. In fact, six studies from researchers at University of Virginia and Columbia University found that financial woes produced physical pain and reduced tolerance to pain. Recently my coaching client shared her low back pain story. The sniffles started when she quietly shared that she grew up in a tough Midwestern family where a strong work ethic was directly related to the quality of your character and therefore your worth as a human being. As a kid she only got attention or praise when she worked hard. Anyone else have a household like that? (Imagine me raising my hand.)

Now, for almost a decade, she has worked hard. And she’s tired. She takes a deep breath and admits that money is tight, again. She almost can’t bare to talk about it. The shame she feels at her age to still struggle to pay the bills. As I listened, I felt her pain. I felt her frustration. Oh I’ve been there. What I’ve learned? This is the Universe’s way of getting us ask for help.

The real work is in understanding the story. So she and I unpack a few details. After dissecting the lessons of this erroneous belief (working hard makes you a good person), we blessed the family members who handed it down. We thanked the old belief for its help in the past and then we released it. After writing a few new money Afformations (books by Noah St John) we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Ninety minutes later, she had a plan. She had hope. And ironically, her back pain was quiet. What a coincidence? Not really.

Are you dealing with persistent low back pain? If you like, ask yourself a couple of questions:  Am I stressed about money? What words describe how I feel, when I look at my bank balances? What was the message your parents, or the people who raised you, told you about money? Are we on to something here? How about you try these questions on for size:

  • Why am I so well compensated and appreciated for my work?
  • Why do I love being wealthy and spiritual?
  • Why is it so easy for me to save so much money?

How do those questions feel? Make your own, “Why is it so easy for me to ________ ” questions. If this resonates with you check out Noah’s book. The afformations have really worked for me!

In conclusion, know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Know that you are perfect and you are loved. Know that I care and appreciate all you bring to your role in the world of massage therapy.

Namaste lovelies.