April 1, 2019

Use This and You Won’t Get Cancer

Standing in the middle of a very quirky flea market I asked the salesperson, “So what are the benefits of CBD oil?” I don’t part with 49 bucks quickly. He paused for a moment seeming lost for words, then said, “Put a few drops to this under your tongue and you won’t get cancer.” I raised an eyebrow. Really? That’s the big hook? Interesting answer. 

Cancer doesn’t scare me. I understand it in a different way. I believe cancer comes from our beliefs not from our biology. Pause please. I’m not talking about pollutants like radiation from the meltdown at Chernobyl or the chromium contaminated groundwater made public by Erin Brockovich. (Sorry youngsters.Google it.) Those situations do make people sick and can kill ya. 

I’m talking about the random, ‘she seemed so healthy’ diagnosis from out of the blue. Yes, family history has a role in determining our vulnerability. My point of view comes from accumulated experience, so hear me out.  Over the last 24 years, I have had the privilege to offer massage to approximately 20,000+ people. As a result, I understand cancer from a bodyworker’s perspective. We are not victims. And any cancer conqueror will confirm that. So why do some people get sick and others don’t? In the book Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss almost overwhelms us with deep historical explanations about the energetic roots of illness and the body-mind connection. 

My takeaway is simple: our biography becomes our biology. Let that sink in. Our biography. Our story. Our words. Becomes our biology. Our cells. Our organs. Our health.

Earl Nightingale is a bit more succinct in his 44 page book, The Strangest Secret. He writes, “The strangest secret is you become what you think about.” I share my point of view with the clear intention to eliminate fear. Your family, your clients and maybe even some of you, worry. Worry about getting sick. If it’s true that what we focus on, we attract, then the energy we focus on worrying, attracts that which we worry about. Law of Attraction 101. Have you heard someone say, ‘Oh, she always worried about getting cancer.’ Abracadabra…self fulfilling prophecy. 

Here’s the good news. Fear and worry can be immediately replaced by love and hope. All you have to do is notice. Notice the fear. Reject the worry. In the moment you notice, pause 10 seconds. Thank the worry for showing up as a reminder to send positive thoughts to that person, situation or thing. Worry and fear are our opportunity to create a mini affirmation. Ask yourself, ‘What would it look like if that situation was going perfectly?’ Worried that the test results are going to come back with bad news? Imagine what it would feel like when the test results come back with good news. Feel the relief. Feel the gratitude.

Spoiler alert! This works for everything we worry about, not just our health. Worried your kid is going to fail the test? Worried you won’t be able to pay the rent? Imagine what would it look like if it went really well. Your kid aces the test. You have more than enough to pay all your bills. Feel the joy. Are you smiling right now? Yeah. Exactly. 

In closing, if CBD oil or lighting a candle or saying an affirmation helps you change gears from worry to hope, then take it, light it and say it. 

Reconnecting to your hope and love changes the lives of those around you, oh, and your life too.  Namaste. 

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