December 1, 2017

What? I Failed?

Oh yes, it’s true. I just failed my test. Not the MBLEx. The Florida Laws and Rules Exam. You see it all started when I set the goal to do massage in Florida for the winter. My goal screeched to a halt when I realized in order to obtain a Florida license, applicants are required to take a 10 hour online class called Florida Laws & Rules…and pass the course’s test. Really? Okay, well here we go.

I have to admit, like many of my students, I tried to short circuit the class clicking on FINAL EXAM. But no luck. It made me go thru the whole thing. Each and every page. Lord have mercy, some of the information seemed so random. Kind of like the MBLEx!? Did you know if apprenticing in Florida, “the sponsoring massage therapist has 10 days to notify the department if the apprentice terminates their apprenticeship.” Okay. Thanks. Not apprenticing anyone anytime soon.

I admit, some facts that were good to know, “If a licensee fails to renew before the license expires, the license becomes delinquent.” Duh. Gotcha. Common sense, right?

But I failed! How did that happen? The same way people fail taking the MBLEx.

I rushed thru the questions.
I didn’t read all the answers.
I didn’t pay enough attention to the course material.
My mindset was, I just want to get thru this!
And slam. Didn’t pass.

Now, thank God I could take the test again right away. Then I did pass. But I share my experience with you because to be a great massage therapist, you aren’t always a great test taker. For real.

I know you have seen this in the classroom. We have worked with almost 500 massage school graduates who have the passion, the knowledge, the determination. However, some people just don’t test well.A test doesn’t determine how talented you are at the table. Look at me. I’ve been practicing for 24 years and I just failed a state regulations exam. The message? Don’t let a test kill the dream. Failing a test doesn’t get to sideline really talented people. Not on my watch!

If you know a talented, heart centered graduate who hasn’t gotten over the hurdle of passing the MBLEx, please consider recommending they get some support. There is the AMTA’s Pocket Prep. ABMP’s has Exam Coach. And there is my program, 
Since it’s close to the end of the year, I’d like to work with some new folks who have passing the test as part of their goal for the new year. Because you are on the short list of people who read this email, when YOU recommend a new student to the program, they will get not one, not 2 but up to 3 classes for free! Here’s the catch: they have to reach out before the end of the month (November) to be eligible. This is my way of paying it forward. Passing the MBLEx is not easy, but it can be done. First step: email [email protected] with the subject line: GIVING THANKS.

Some of you reading this are running your own practice. Yay you! For the very first time ever I’m offering a Black Friday special for a very specific coaching service. It’s a rare opportunity to work together 1 to 1 to make 2019 your best year ever. Watch the 1:00 video in this email to learn more. 

I believe you are bringing your best every day to the work that you do. Thank you for caring that talented people don’t sit on the sidelines. Thank you for having the vision that 2019 can be your most productive and profitable year ever. If you let me, I’ll help you make the vision a reality. 

Blessings to you, your friends and family at this start to the holiday season. 

A test doesn’t determine how talented you are at the table!

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