May 17, 2023

Do You Feel Grounded?
barefoot grounding
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Take a breath. I invite you to join me here in the present. Eckhart Tolle says, “The past has no power over the present moment.” Feeling grounded starts with moving your awareness to right here, right now.
Are you sitting down? What are you sitting on? Are your feet in shoes or barefoot? Do you feel your feet on the floor? Wiggle your toes. It’s just that easy. Welcome back to the present moment. Here is where we experience all our blessings!

The mind can drag you away from the present moment with worry about the future. Lately I’ve been concerned with a decision I need to make that will impact the next six months. As I wake up my brain is going in circles, “What’s going to be the best decision? What will help me reach my big goals? What is the wisest choice?” A good friend suggested I write out a Pros and Cons list. Seems simple, right? The magic in a Pros and Cons list is it delivers me right back to the present moment. What is true today?

Walking to the gym
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It’s 5:00pm and I’m walking into the gym thinking, “Is it still Monday?” Lord, it feels like the stuff I did this morning was a few days ago. For me, a workout is one of the ways I return to the present moment. I’d love to say I’m super disciplined, but truth is I resist going to the gym. In fact, as I’m writing this note to you, I’m skipping a work out. I do have a back up plan: I’ll take a walk later today.

How do you get back in your body?
Taking the dog for a walk?
Taking yourself for a walk?
When you’re done reading feel free to click reply and tell me. I’d love to hear how you get grounded.

Where are my glasses?
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Does this sound familiar? “Darn it, where are my glasses?!” Then a colleague taps the top of her head. Oh, there they are! We laugh, yet this could be an indicator to take a moment and get grounded. Check in with your body right now. What is your body feeling?

Fill in the blank: My body is feeling _____ . How would you like to feel? I would like to feel _______ . By now you know I believe words are creative. So by saying out loud, I would like to feel calm. You create calm. I would like to feel peace. You create peace. What would you like to create today with your words?

What would you like to create today?
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We each arrive on the planet with our own special gifts. Some people in our lives create stability and calm just by their presence. This month I salute our Earthy sisters and brothers. Often born as a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, I appreciate you Earthlings for demonstrating your grounded nature so beautifully! And for the rest of us – don’t be fooled. Our reliable, steady friends may be perceived at first glance as a little flat, but that’s not the truth! Fun bubbles up from the rich soil of their soul. Earth people show up prepared and strategic. They eliminate chaos and organize a space. They make practical choices and have the patience of Job. Their compost pile is more beautiful than my garden. God bless the people in our life who are solid as a rock! You lead by example without even knowing it.

working the earth with your hands
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As we learn to appreciate other’s gifts, we can take stock in our natural way of doing things. We can have more compassion for ourselves as unique expressions of the Divine. When we stay present, it’s easier to not take things personally. We know that all is well right here, right now. Welcome back to the present. It indeed is a gift.

Blessings to you on Earth day!

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Green Sunshine CBD Oils
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Green Sunshine CBD Oil Special
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