September 16, 2020

Foot Pain: Taking the next step in life
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Have I mentioned recently that I love foot massage? Oh, I do. Love to receive and love to give. Gimme those little tootsies! Yes, there are a few folks who really don’t like foot massage. But, I am not one of them. Pain in the feet is SO distracting. To find out,just stub you toe. Whoa! The whole world stops for a few seconds til the pain subsides. Ouch! Chronic foot pain can be a sign of a bigger problem: Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Arthritis, Bone Spur, Morton’s Neuroma, Raynaud’s Syndrome and about 100 other things. Ruling out any serious issues comes first, but then we get to look beyond the physical. Yay!

Foot pain can be about an unwillingness to take the next step in life. 

You may want to ask, Where have I stalled? What hobby or interest have I ignored for a while? Taking the next step could be about leaving a job or it could be about accepting a promotion at your job. Not being certain about your direction can cause one to pause, maybe for a little longer than necessary.

Is there an obvious answer to, ‘Where do I need to take the next step?’ You have permission to take imperfect action. Hey, you can always change your mind. For real. 

For example, I was all twisted up about buying a house. Where should it be? Single family or townhouse? What if I don’t like where I’m living? Oh man, what if my prayers get answered and I’m miserable? Guess what? You have permission to change your mind. A wise man told me, if your prayers get answered and then you don’t like what you got, give it back. Really? Awesome. Onward ho!

Feet are also where we connect to the ground. Ticklish feet represent not feeling grounded. Of course being ticklish can be the result of ‘torture’ disguised as fun at the hands of older brothers too. It may be helpful to understand that the feeling of tickle is actually in the family of pain. So is the feeling of itch. Both tickle and itch can have their roots in tight muscles. Ticklish feet, for no reason? Are you happy in the state you live in? Are you happy in the town you live in? Are you happy in the home you live in? Symbolically, ticklish feet can represent not connecting to the place you are in physically.

I tell my clients, if there is a rock in your shoe, take it out. There’s not always a bio-psycho-social reason for foot pain. But often there is.

It’s so much fun to learn about the mind-body connection. Each individual has a unique body blueprint, yet there are so many similarities as we explore the story that pain wants to tell us.

Sending you virtual hugs!

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