June 9, 2019

Has This Been Your Best Year Yet?

Will this year be a NEW year or will it be the same ole year? You can make 3 small simple changes that will powerfully impact 2014.

  1. Get Visible
  2. Follow up
  3. Stay in touch

Attend at least 2 events a week where you will meet prospective clients. Dress for success. Bring business cards. Slap on a smile. Your mission: Ask as many people as possible (at least 3) questions about their own business. Beyond the ‘What do you do?’ Ask, who is their best client? How did they meet their best client? What do you do for fun? Where did you grow up? Where did you get those shoes? (Okay maybe not that last one) But make attending an event a game of 20 questions. People will think they had the best conversation with you and they won’t know a thing about you!

So what would be the use of THAT?! Read on. After the event you are going to… 

You now have a stack of business cards. Before you leave the parking lot, jot down a quick note about each person. Grew up in NJ; best client is a physical therapy office; works with non-profit “x” etc. Then the following day your going to do something completely old fashion: You’re going to send a hand written note. If your handwriting stinks, you can type the ‘nice to meetcha’ note on the computer, but you have to sign it yourself. Mention the personal fact you unearthed during the meet and greet. Don’t try to win their business right here and now. That will come a little later when you… 

In less than one hour could you print mailing labels to all your existing clients? In less than 30 minutes could you send a secure email to all your current and future/potential clients? If the answer is no, time to organize your data. If the answer is yes then BRAVO! How often do you send snail mail to your clients? Do you send birthday cards? Do you send a special offer 2x year? Create a new database or add to your existing database the new business cards from the events you attend and people you meet. Goal: 10 new names per week. Grab a calendar. For potential clients, use email or snail mail to stay in touch every other month. For existing and potential clients pick 2-4 times you want to send a special offer. Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving are two of my favorites. Plan your year and work your plan.

Decide now what you want next year to look like: chaos and scramble or a well designed plan that gives you your BEST YEAR EVER!


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