February 1, 2018

My, My, My What A Large Hippocampus You Have!
Did you know that your hippocampus, the memory center in your brain, is literally able to grow new cells? Recent research confirms the hippocampus regenerates throughout your entire lifetime – even into your 90s – provided you give it the tools to do so.


You’ll recognize the tools: diet, exercise, sleep BUT in the top 10 recommendations to preserve and improve your brain function is learning a new skill!

When is the last time you learned something new?

For those of you in the Washington DC area, you are in luck! Over 100 of your massage therapist colleagues from around the region will be attending the 2017 Tri-State Conference May 5, 6 and 7 in Arlington VA. Here’s part of the line up:

  • James Waslaski guru of the frozen shoulder teaches Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage for the Upper Body.
  • Anatomy Trains expert, Jason Spitalnik, instructs on the Structure and Function (of fascia) Superficial, Lateral and Spiral Lines. Yah, I’ve never heard of any of that, but I know Anatomy Trains is revolutionizing how MTs approach the body.
  • Former AMTA National President, Nancy Porambo will be unlocking the secrets of Fibromyalgia demystifying the causes and treatment.

Thank you for your patience if you live way outside the Washington DC area. To keep your brain healthy, I’d like to encourage you to find your tribe and make the effort to get involved a little. It’s not just about improving your cognitive function.

Too many massage therapists feel isolated. Even when they work in a busy practice, they admit they feel alone. Part of the reason is because we are always ‘on’. We are on for our clients, on for our family, on for our friends…Guess what? When you take a Continuing Ed class you don’t have to be on. You don’t have to know all the answers. You get to ask the questions. You get to stretch your skills by stretching out of your comfort zone. Yah, I know it takes time and it costs money. Don’t most things that are good for you take time and cost money?

So go for it. Learn something new. Make your hippocampus happy.

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