June 14, 2023

Honoring Teachers
Honoring educators
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Who is one of your favorite teachers?
In massage school, Joanne Checchi was a magician. She taught me to listen to the body with all my awareness. She was kind, yet firm. She was encouraging and set high expectations. Being in class with Checchi up leveled my learning. I’m forever grateful.

Teachers should be the highest paid professionals
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Ice T, the former gangster (now rap artist and actor) shocked me by saying, “Teachers should be the highest paid professionals in the country. Without teachers we got nothing.” I completely agree. This tough guy isn’t known for handing out compliments. Yet Ice T realizes and appreciates the importance of teachers.

Teachers believe in their students. They foster confidence and hope. Thank you to all the teachers reading this right now. Consider sending some love and gratitude to that educator who made a difference in your life.

What words do you use when you describe a favorite teacher? Loving, thoughtful, inspiring?

Yet I will assure you that the people who are frustrating, annoying, and even disturbing, they are also your teachers? Most likely, if I am feeling one of those emotions, I have something to learn about myself. Oh, I’d like to walk away and say, ‘Talk to the hand!’

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it can be easier to walk away
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For real. If you’ve been frustrated recently, celebrate. Yay! You have found one of your teachers.

Who is someone in your life that, at times, you avoid? Yippee!! They are one of your teachers.

Who is the family member that you think needs to get their life in order? Hooray!! They are one of your teachers.

My teachers a hot mess, they can't teach me anything.
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Oh, I hear you…
‘No way! They can’t teach me anything. They are a mess. I will not give them any credibility by calling them a teacher.’

Ah, but they are. When I ask a simple question, “What is it about them that makes me so irritated?” I hear my own answer: They are such a know it all. They are so arrogant. They are so condescending.
Fill in the blank. They are so __________ .

There within lies the answer. We are learning self-awareness by recognizing our reaction. We are learning to be aware of our emotions. We are learning compassion. We are learning personal boundaries.

Who me? I'm learning?
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Yes. that is annoying. But it’s true. When a person, really a person’s behavior, makes me feel a strong emotion, it is an opportunity to observe my emotion and let it go.

Let’s be clear. Letting go doesn’t mean the behavior is acceptable. Letting go doesn’t mean their life isn’t in chaos.

Letting go of your opinion releases the judgement. Releases them to be who they are being. And most importantly, releases you from wanting or needing to fix it.

Letting go reminds me I am not responsible for changing other people. I am responsible for changing me. Changing my attitude, my (erroneous) beliefs about others; changing my should to could.

Changing my point of view that the world operates according to my rules. In doing so I give myself (and others) permission to unapologetically be who they are.

Thank you to the teachers who supported me
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Thank you to the teachers who nurtured me. Thank you to the teachers I’d like to smack. Thank you for the self-awareness and compassion to appreciate both.

Love and light to you.

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