May 5, 2024

The Power of Imagination
how do you see the world?
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Imagine grabbing your shades as the sun peeks through the clouds. You settle in to enjoy the warmth of the glow. Ahhhh, the delicious decadence of resting in the sunshine.

Can you feel it?

Breathe in for a just a moment. Where are you? The beach? Poolside? The islands? Maybe close your eyes. Are there smells? Sounds?
Are you smiling?
That is the power of imagination.

As a kid, I read a little 44 page book called The Strangest Secret. It introduced me to the idea, thoughts are things. The author suggests we become what we think about. What do you daydream about?

Daydream?! Some of you may brush off an offer to engage in such a flight of fancy, rationalizing, “Oh my goodness, I have no idea. I’m far too busy to have time to daydream…”

take time to relax
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Yet, there are those times when your mind wanders: on a long drive, waiting in the school pickup line, in the shower.

Have you ever sat down just to have a think? Maybe you meditate. Maybe you can’t meditate. Maybe you do yoga. My favorite part of yoga class is the end. Savasana. Corpse pose. Resting. Ahhhhh.

Sometimes you need a time out
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Turns out, our brain needs time to rest. Taking a time out for cognitive rest is not just about sleeping. Scientists tell us we benefit from letting our mind wander. When we unplug from the to do lists, go into default mode we can direct our thoughts into positive constructive daydreaming. Google it. Positive Constructive Daydreaming. It’s a thing.

take time to day dream
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So if thoughts are things and we can choose to have positive constructive daydreaming, how does that work? For me, I have to be patient with myself. It may take me a minute (or 60) to quiet my monkey mind, but the quiet does come. Sometimes, I have to be very patient with myself, but eventually, when I am willing to wait, the quiet time wins. Allowing me to solve challenges and dream.

Getting my book onto shelves
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😎Sneaking my book onto bookshelves!🤣

Lately I’ve been letting myself imagine…just play with the idea of what it would feel like to have a best-selling book.
You may question my sanity, but I ‘planted’ my book at Barnes & Noble. I tell you the truth, I giggled with glee seeing Body Blueprint on the shelves right above the sign for Yoga & Fitness. Recently, wandering around the airport, I found an empty shelf just screaming for attention at Hudson News. My heart felt so much joy as I placed my book in the spot that says #3 Best Seller. (actual #3 is Michelle Obama’s book)
I’m imagining and feeling my way into manifesting a brand new reality.
What is your big, long shot, what if goal?

my long shot goal NYT Best seller
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Hmmmmm? What was that? I thought I heard you say, “I don’t know what my big goal is.” Guess what? Your head may not know, but your heart does.

“The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your heart to your head.” -Thich Naht Hanh

Vietnamese poet and peace activist, Thich Naht Hanh echoes what the Native American Sioux tribe also believe, connecting our heart and our head seems like quite the expedition, but truth be told, it’s a short trip once you start. The desires of our heart whisper to us. Our wild and crazy dreams make the edges of our lips curl into a smile. Do we allow those daydreams to arrive to the final destination, our conscious awareness? How bold!

Take a leap and dive in
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Today I’ll ask you a question. If you knew you could not fail, where would you dive in? Your answer reveals the desires of your heart. Just imagine…

Namaste friends,

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