February 25, 2021

Healing From the Inside Out, Not the Outside In
Main Pain Positions in the Body
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Most people try to heal from the outside in.

We are conditioned: if you have a headache, there’s a pill for that. If you itch, there’s a cream for that. If you have a can’t sleep, there’s a pill for that too.

Is the world mindlessly popping pills that have unexpected side effects? Constipation? There’s a pill for that. Diarrhea? There’s a pill for that. You get it. 

Some adventurous souls decide to press pause on the non-essential meds and explore complementary treatments to find the best of both worlds. Instead of checking out, some people check in.

Adding complementary medicine to your schedule calls for a shift in mindset. Whether that is massage, acupuncture, yoga or another treatment, that choice requires a person to take responsibility for their own health and participate in the healing journey. Ah…here’s where the magic happens. Taking responsibility. A person willing to say, “I don’t know, but I’m ready to learn…” has the key to unlock the door to new knowledge.

That new knowledge reveals that healing is an inside job. When we look beyond the physical pain or chronic condition and ask ourselves some questions, we can heal from the inside out, not just the outside in.

We can ask questions like,

“What am I learning from this?”
“Where is my life is out of balance?”
“What needs to change?”

Asking questions leads to answers that have nothing, yet everything, to do with the condition.

What am I learning from this neck pain?” 
Leads to, “Who is the pain in the neck?”

How is this knee pain revealing where is my life out of balance?” Can lead to, “Who am I bowing down to?”

How does shoulder pain tell me what needs to change?”  Eventually guides us toward the question, “What is the weight of the world on my shoulders?”

Every part of the body relates to a mental and emotional stress. It’s a kind of ‘body blueprint’ that steers us toward the mental and emotional connections to our pain.

If you are curious to learn more about the Body Blueprint, join me on March 11 at 6pm Eastern. A few of us will be live in the Zoom room. ($5) I keep the classes are small because I love to help people investigate their own personal pain patterns and understand the deeper meaning that could be part of the cause. See ya there.

Blessings, Love and Light precious ones,

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