March 18, 2021

Humility Versus Humiliation
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Thank you for for reading this today! I feel our heart to heart connection today, even stronger than in the past.

On Saturday, March 27 sometime after 9am EDT my TEDx talk will be broadcast to the world. How would that make you feel? Yes, I’m stoked. Yes, I’m scared.

What is one of your big goals? Even if no one else knows it,
What’s one of your wild and crazy dreams?
What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? 

In this moment, notice your breath. Is it deep or is it shallow? Did you just sigh? Soften your breath and send it to an area of your body that resists relaxing. Deepen your breath just a little, if that’s comfortable for you. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I can just imagine!

Quick question: Have you ever watched a TEDx talk? Not to send you down a rabbit hole, but here’s one of my favorites about teachers. I’m so in love with Rita Pierson. This is really right on.

Many of you teach, or have been teachers. Many of you are parents. Check the box, you are a teacher. God bless you.

Looking back, all of us
 have been students. Do you have someone who was your champion? Who believed in you? If so, whisper ‘thank you’ to them. As a successful student we feel humility in learning we don’t know, what we don’t know.

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I have the mind of a student. How? I am learning how to present a great talk. I am researching facts on the Body Blueprint. I am getting coached on my presentation. I am feeling humble. Yet in the humility, I am willing to stand up and stand out.

Part of this journey is releasing the false belief of humiliation. I’ll spare you the sugar coated explanation: Humiliation is an emotion that exists when we care about what others think.
You do you. End of story.

Oh, if you think you failed at something, congratulations. You are failing forward, which is not failing. It’s progress. Wait what? If you are not failing, you aren’t stretching. No growth in the comfort zone, my friends. I know you are walking your path with humility and gratitude. And I feel blessed to share a tiny part of your journey.
Truly blessed.

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Speaking of humility and gratitude…This morning I received an email from my editor that she has finished the second edit of the book! She has feedback for me. Ahhhhh!

Honest to God, I haven’t opened her comments yet. Is the book ready? Or is she recommending more writing, more stories, more research? The ride is scary and wonderful all at the same time.

That being said, the official timeline of the release of the book is still a “?”.

In my head, I am affirming that I’ll be sending out signed copies of the book this summer…but as you may have experienced, I plan and God laughs.

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Thank you to each of you who have pre-ordered the book, The Body Blueprint, How Your Pain Tells A StorySince I’m just a little co-dependent, I feel like you deserve updates regularly and maybe even some “behind the scenes” info and pictures as we move toward the book publication.

If you are jammin’ with the idea of getting a peek BTS (behind the scenes) reply to this email and write “BTS” in the body. That’s it. It’ll be our little secret that BTS refers to Behind the Scenes. (not just the wildly popular band)

So let’s light it up like dynamite!
(Reference to popular BTS song all the kids are singin’)

Hope you’ll tune in on March 27, Saturday for the TEDx SquareMile. I’ll be on toward the end of the event, but it gets started at 7:30am. EDT (It will already be 12:30pm in London town) Consider waking up a little early because this event will all be over by noon EDT. Thanks in advance for your positive thoughts and prayers.

Sending you love and light.

Namaste <3

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