January 23, 2021

What is Your Gut Feeling?
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I hope you will humor me this month with a slight deviation from the norm. The majority of my writing is about eliminating pain from the body. Today is no exception, except that I am writing about the collective body.

You may have noticed the background noise of fear being broadcast globally. Indeed, it’s been a bit uneasy for quite some time now. No one person or party is responsible, as much as some may like to blame or shame. Hey, what I know about you is that you are a part of the small tribe of people who have decided not to blame and shame. 

In the face of conflict, you recognize it, you name it and despite the distraction of wanting to label it right or wrong, you eventually find your way to compassion. Right? Well, most of the time 😉 

Recently I was reminded that all upset comes from living in the past or living in the future. That reminder woke me from the dream of separation with a gentle, but firm shake. It is true. When I am in the present, the worry of the future and the anger from the past disappears.

The dream of separation has dissolved during the pandemic. We have come to realize how connected we are: environmentally, economically and even biologically. A dry cough overseas has led to more than 350,000 people losing their lives in the United States. We are all connected. And the ‘pain’ we have been feeling collectively can be called by many names: anxiety, worry, distress.

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How do we as a human race heal from this pain? By shining our light.

Shine my light?! Yes. I believe you have a sacred contract to fulfill. It’s why you were born on this planet, during this time. There are no accidents. No one else on Earth can do what you came here to do. No one. Therefore, we have the opportunity to embrace the words of author Susan Jeffers PhD, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Simply, be the best [human being] you know how to be.

These times most certainly require a ‘gut check.’ Allow me to ask again: In your gut, how do you feel?

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For real, can you stop for 30 seconds? Tune in to your breath. Tune in to your body. How do you feel in your gut right now? Give me 3 words. Scratch them on a piece of paper. Frustrated? Robbed? 
Hopeful? Joy?

Let’s take a breath together.
Breathe in, 1-2-3.
Hold, 1-2-3.
Breathe out, 1-2-3.

Now on your own. Close your eyes. In, 1-2-3. Hold, 1-2-3. Out, 1-2-3.

The shift is happening. You are intentionally changing your vibration. You may not feel it, but I assure you, it’s happening.

Breathing is magical. When we focus on the breath, we move into the present moment. We connect with the life force within us. We are at least an inch closer to believing all is well.

On behalf of the world, do a gut check. How are you feeling right now?

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Some of you have already gone through this exercise. You have found a way to ‘rise above’ the fear. Bravo. In your gut you know that the pandemic, the protests, the chaos is all part of a bigger picture.

However the truth is, every day we encounter brothers and sisters swirling in the wake of the storm we have all felt at some point over the last 12 months. In tense moments, I invite you to breathe. Arrive (back) into the present moment. In doing so, you find your way back the truth, to compassion.

In this present moment…truth and compassion is how we heal our collective body.

Thank you for being such a beautiful soul.

Namaste friends,

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